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Amazing April in Columbia, MD at Lakehouse

22 April, 2024 | Apartments

Join us at Lakehouse as spring unfurls its vibrant tapestry and Earth Day beckons us to embrace our planet! We're diving into a world of renewal and rejuvenation. Join us as we celebrate the season of growth, greenery, and the joy of spring cleaning, too! We all know the perks of a clean and organized environment – from uplifting our.....

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Crafting a Vision Board at Lakehouse

2 January, 2024 | Apartments

Embark on a transformative journey this 2024 at Lakehouse in Columbia, MD! Dive into the art of goal setting with our guide on creating a powerful New Year's resolution vision board. This isn't just about setting intentions; it's about manifesting them into reality. The Theory Behind Vision Boards: Unlock the potential of the Law of Attraction as you visualize and.....

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Goblins, Ghouls, and Goofballs Embracing Halloween at Lakehouse

13 October, 2023 | Apartments

It’s ooky, it’s spooky, it’s just a little kooky, it’s the crème brúlée before turkey day- it’s Halloween! Hold on to your broomsticks, because Lakehouse wants you to have a fang-tastic howl-iday. October 31st is sure to brew up a cauldron of spooktacular fun that will leave you cackling with delight. Hi, Barbie! Costumes this year are sure to be totally.....

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