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Get Outside and Enjoy Columbia, MD

3 March, 2023 | Apartments

With the arrival of Spring, it's the perfect time to start taking your workouts outside. Spending time in nature and getting some fresh air and sunshine, can be a great way to boost your mood and get some exercise. At Lakehouse, we encourage our residents to take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and enjoy a variety of outdoor workouts. Here.....

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Lakehouse Residents Craft Cute Valentine’s Day Presents

10 February, 2023 | Apartments

It’s the most romantic day of the year, Lakehouse residents! But, seriously, no pressure. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be the end-all-be-all of romance. It can be simply a great day to enjoy with those you love. Simply spending quality time and having fun with a loved one in our cozy community room will have you feeling the love. There are.....

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Goals and New Routines in 2023 for Lakehouse Residents

31 January, 2023 | Apartments

We hope the new year has been treating all of our Lakehouse community members with positivity, joy, and happiness. Not only that, we hope that everyone who set resolutions has been sticking with them. Though we know that can be difficult. These past few years have taught us a lot about health, wellness, and well-being. The use of mindfulness philosophies can help achieve.....

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