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Find Sweet Treats for Your Next Occasion at Mela T Cakery

31 December, 2018 | Apartments

The only inspiration you need to order sweets from Mela T Cakery is one quick trip to their website. Once you see the exquisite layered cakes, perfectly swirled cupcakes, and dessert bar designs, you’ll be ready to make an order. 

Tyreece Johnson, a self-taught baker who not only makes delicious desserts, but also has a special talent for decorating, is the owner of Mela T Cakery. The team offers cupcakes and cakes in classic flavors, and lots of inventive options too, like their signature strawberry banana cheesecake or sweet potato with marshmallow fluff. Along with other classic desserts like cookies, assorted pies, and parfaits, Mela T Cakery is a sweets lover’s dream. You can use Mela T Cakery for your personal needs, or let them create a personalized the sweets bar at your office, wedding, or other special event.

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