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The Benefits of Yoga and How to Get Started in Columbia

1 March, 2018 | Apartments

Yoga isn't just a trendy workout filled with handstands and stretches, it's a mental and physical practice that dates back to the Fifth century BCE. People all over the world practice yoga in order to not only clear their minds and reduce stress, but also to build strength and flexibility. Here are just a few of the health benefits of.....

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It’s easy to get your fitness on at Lakehouse

9 June, 2017 | ApartmentsEventsLIfestyle

With easy access to walking trails, yoga classes and a Whole Foods right next door, getting your fitness on at Lakehouse has never been easier. Head out on our two mile trail for a walk, bike ride or run to keep you in shape all year round. Grab one of the Lakehouse bikes for a refreshing ride or quick trip.....

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