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Grab Pizza at These Restaurants Near Lakehouse

29 September, 2017 | Apartments

One of the perks of living at LakehouseĀ is easy access and close proximity to pizza joints in Columbia. Grab a slice at one of these places the next time you get a craving for cheese, bread and that delicious red sauce. Pizza Boli's Pizza Boli's is the perfect place to order a speciality pizza. Try the Crab or Fajita varieties.....

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A Day at Lakehouse

22 September, 2017 | Apartments

  Ever wonder what your life could look like living at Lakehouse? Daydream no more. Here's what a day in your life at Lakehouse could consist of. Wake up every morning and open your curtains to let the brilliant light in through the wide-span windows. Step inside your walk in closet to pick out your outfit of the day. Sip.....

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Fall in Columbia

15 September, 2017 | EventsNeighbourhood

The crisp autumn air always tends to invoke feelings of warmth and inspire us to gather as a community. That's why we love fall at Lakehouse. Enjoy fall in Columbia at these community events near Lakehouse. BikeAbout 2017 Bike two or 10 miles and experience Columbia's beauty on September 23 from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. Register for this free.....

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