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Love Wine? Pay a Visit to Great Frogs Winery

1 March, 2019 | Apartments

Once the weather warms up, plan a day trip to pay a visit to Great Frogs Winery. This popular winery is located in nearby Annapolis and has a charming, rustic feel that locals love. There’s great wine, a welcoming atmosphere and frequent live music, so if you’re looking for a cute date idea or a fun way to spend the day with friends, this just might be it. 

Great Frogs Winery is located in a renovated former tobacco barn, and the barn atmosphere is present throughout. The tasting room is where you’ll spend most of your time, sampling different types of reds and whites amidst the wine barrels and other farm-style decor. If you find something you like, buy a bottle and enjoy it anywhere on the premises. In the winter, it’s coziest to hang out inside, while during warmer weather, you might head outdoors to one of the tents or to explore the vineyard. 


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