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Test Your Ninja Skills With Challenge Courses at Ninja Be

21 March, 2019 | Apartments

Ever want to test your skills on one of the challenging obstacle courses you’ve seen on television shows like American Ninja Warrior or Wipeout? Well, Ninja Be offers your whole family the chance to do just that. 

This Columbia specialty gym is arranged as a series of obstacle courses featuring plenty of different challenges for folks of all ages, ranging from balancing as you race across a narrow beam, to riding a mechanical bull, to racing up a giant inclined treadmill, to jumping from perch to perch across a padded ravine. You’ll also find climbing walls, extreme dodgeball games, and more. Whether you’re training for a competition or just want to have a blast while working up a sweat, Ninja Be might be just the fitness experience you’re looking for. Pro tip: Ninja Be is happy to host birthday parties and other celebrations, so keep this place in mind next time you’re planning activities for a group. 

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