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Taking Place July 13 Near Your Apartment: The African Cultural Experience Festival

26 June, 2019 | Apartments

On July 13 Carroll Baldwin Hall is hosting one of the summer’s most exciting cultural events, the African Cultural Experience Festival. The festival’s centerpiece, running from 11 am to 3 pm, is an event called "A Trip to Africa," which celebrates African cultures. You’ll find plenty of art, textiles, and traditional crafts for sale as you wander through the booths. You can also experience the oral traditions of various African countries through the folktale storytelling sessions and the live musical acts that are scheduled throughout the day. 

Music got your toes tapping? Head over to join the traditional dancing troupes, which will be performing (and inviting participation) at intervals. When you get hungry, just head over to the many food vendors selling traditional African fare, like Senegalese roasted lamb, Malian shaved cassava, or Nigerian spiced rice, to name a few.

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