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ShadowLand Laser Adventures Is Your Cure for Cabin Fever This Winter

10 January, 2020 | Apartments

The next time you’re going a bit stir crazy for some physical activity and indoor fun, head to ShadowLand Laser Adventures. This family-friendly entertainment complex includes a multi-level laser tag course, The Dark Tower glow golf course, and a mega-arcade featuring over 3,000 square feet of games. One visit could include a high-energy laser tag game with an ever-changing light and sound experience, followed by racking up tickets at the arcade for as long as your day allows. Another trip could be to the glow golf course alone, especially if you’re extra competitive and feel the need to challenge your friends to a second round. 

No matter how long you stay or what area you play in, you’ll be planning your next visit to ShadowLand Laser Adventures before you leave. Find ShadowLand Laser Adventures in Columbia on Red Branch Road, just a few minutes from Howard High School. The complex is open seven days a week, and also has full party packages and dedicated space for birthdays or group events.  

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