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Secolari Artisan Oils & Vinegars: A Must-Visit for Local Foodies

24 February, 2020 | Apartments

The term “secolari” means “age-old” in Italian, and that should tell you something about the philosophy at Secolari Artisan Oils & Vinegars. Its team draws from old-school tradition to handpick extra-virgin and flavored olive oils for its shelves. They’re all sourced from high-quality California purveyors and are certified extra-virgin olive oils by the California Olive Council.

So you can rest assured that you’re getting the best products available when you shop at Secolari. Pick up a classic bottle of EVOO or marinate dinner with one of the flavored varieties, like the Italian herb or spicy habanero olive oils. Grab an imported Italian balsamic vinegar in flavors ranging from chocolate to honey-ginger, or stock up on specialty salts and seasonings. The shop also stocks a wide array of vinegars, from traditional red wine vinegar to champagne mimosa vinegar.

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