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Dessert Meets Chemistry at Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

10 August, 2020 | Apartments

‘Tis the season for all the cold, frosty treats. We’re lucky that delicious spots like Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream are located so close to home. The owners are a couple with a passion for creative culinary delights. The idea for Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream was born from one owner’s background in chemistry paired with an interest in the dessert space.

Each order is completely customizable, from the base to the flavor. The way it works is you first select your base with choices that include traditional cream, along with non-dairy and vegan alternatives. From there, choose from over 30 flavor options like amaretto or mango. Finally, top it off with your favorites like toffee Heath bars or fruit. Then the magic happens. Liquid nitrogen is added to the mix and it freezes into a perfectly creamy dish of ice cream right before your eyes!

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