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Sip Your Morning Brew at Mad City Coffee

24 August, 2020 | Apartments

It’s never been more important to support local business, which is easy to do when you live at Lakehouse. One of our favorite locally owned businesses is Mad City Coffee. This boutique coffee shop and roastery specializes in Arabica coffee from across the globe, selling only the freshest, highest quality beans that they import and roast in-house. With varieties ranging from Tanzanian Northern Peaberry to Hawaiian Kona or flavored options like cinnamon or vanilla almond, they serve up flavors for every palate. Right now you can order beans online directly from the shop and get them shipped or pick up.

Their food is also the perfect solution for a meal on-the-go. They serve up delicious bagels and egg sandwiches for breakfast, salads and sandwiches for lunch, along with fresh pastries and desserts that pair perfectly with an afternoon coffee fix. Whatever you order, your taste buds will thank you!

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