Love Pastries? Pay a Visit to Roggenart

27 February, 2019 | Apartments

If you love bread, pastries and all things baked, then you won't want to miss a chance to visit Roggenart in Columbia. This charming bakery and cafe has a European flair and a spacious, modern interior that makes it the perfect place to pop into for your morning coffee, grab a lunchtime sandwich or pick up some pastries for your.....

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Try a Draft Cocktail at 18th & 21st

15 February, 2019 | Apartments

18th & 21st is so committed to cocktails that its name pays homage to the constitutional amendments that created and repealed Prohibition. In fact, the bar has a few draft cocktails that are always on tap. Sip the Bittersweet Symphony, a mix of gin, vermouth, campari, and aperol, or the Diamondback, a blend of rye whiskey, yellow chartreuse, and apple.....

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Build a Vegan Bowl at Koshary by Misteka

31 January, 2019 | Apartments

Unless you’ve had the opportunity to travel around the globe, you’ve probably never tried Egyptian street food. Lucky for you, the chef at Koshary by Misteka made the executive decision to bring exactly that type of fare to your neck of the woods a few months ago. The eatery is named for its signature dish—and the national dish of Egypt—the.....

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