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Summer Activities for Lakehouse

6 June, 2023 | Apartments

Happy June! Summer is officially here Lakehouse residents! Well officially on the 21st, but that is right around the corner. Summer starts every year on the summer solstice, the longest day of the year- the day with the most sunlight. Now that warmer weather and longer days are here to stay, there needs to be plenty of activities to keep.....

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The History of Mother’s Day and How to Celebrate at Lakehouse

4 May, 2023 | Apartments

With over 100 countries celebrating, including here in Columbia, MD, Sunday, May 14th will be the celebration of Mother’s Day in 2023. A special day dedicated to celebrating mothers and maternal figures, and their influence and impact on society and family. Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, founded by Anna Marie Jarvis in the United States. The start of Mother’s Day as.....

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Resetting with Spring Cleaning at Lakehouse

11 April, 2023 | Apartments

Whether you’re excited or dreading spring cleaning, the time is finally here. Not only will a clean and organized space look great, but it will also improve moods, decrease stress levels, and increase creativity. It is the ideal time to put away winter essentials and prepare your space for the warm weather. The best tip for spring cleaning is to break.....

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