Enjoy a Meal on the Terrace at Victoria Gastro Pub

19 June, 2020 | Apartments

Victoria Gastro Pub on Snowden River Parkway has reopened the restaurant’s gorgeous outdoor terrace for limited seating by reservation only. It’s one small step back to being able to enjoy the pleasures of dining out, and to dive into some of your old favorites from Victoria Gastro Pub. What will you order? The poutine has never tasted so decadent, and the.....

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Tee Off This Summer at Fairway Hills Golf Course

10 June, 2020 | Apartments

The weather is finally gorgeously warm, and stay-at-home restrictions have been eased. As you make your list of places you want to visit this season, Fairway Hills Golf Course should be at the top. The greens at Fairway Hills are some of the best manicured around, and getting onto the course isn’t going to cost you an arm and a leg. You.....

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Open for Business Near Lakehouse: Walmart in Columbia

3 June, 2020 | Apartments

Lucky you! The nearest Walmart is less than five miles away. That’s certainly a luxury that most folks don’t have. And if you’re not exactly thinking "luxury" when you think about Walmart, think again. Just imagine having to make two, three, or even four stops just to get the basics you need to supply your apartment. Walmart boasts a wide selection of.....

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