Pen Boutique in Columbia: Where the Art of Letter Writing Is Alive and..

17 January, 2020 | Apartments

Here’s a novel idea: Instead of zipping off an email or shooting a quick text, try writing someone a note with an actual pen and paper. Practicing your penmanship will become so much more appealing once you visit Pen Boutique in Columbia. This stationery and office equipment store celebrates the lost art of the pen, with a variety of types.....

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ShadowLand Laser Adventures Is Your Cure for Cabin Fever This Winter

10 January, 2020 | Apartments

The next time you’re going a bit stir crazy for some physical activity and indoor fun, head to ShadowLand Laser Adventures. This family-friendly entertainment complex includes a multi-level laser tag course, The Dark Tower glow golf course, and a mega-arcade featuring over 3,000 square feet of games. One visit could include a high-energy laser tag game with an ever-changing light.....

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What’s Your Usual Order at Ssong’s Hotdog?

3 January, 2020 | Apartments

To try a unique take on the hot dog, visit newly opened Ssong’s Hotdog at The Mall in Columbia. The eatery offers a variety of dogs on a stick, each made more delicious than the last with crunchy coatings and unexpected fillings. The first thing to know is that not all the ‘hotdogs’ at Ssong’s actually have a hotdog inside......

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