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Balance Your Life and Your Home With Feng Shui

5 March, 2018 | Apartments

You might think that feng shui is one of those trendy terms that doesn't really apply to your everyday life, but you might want to give this ancient Chinese art a try. Feng shui refers to harmonizing your life with your surrounding environment, which involves arranging your furniture, de-cluttering your home and even using certain colors in order to create balance and tranquility in your life. If you want to give feng shui a try in your home at Lakehouse, here are some simple tips.

  • Clear out clutter. The first step toward good feng shui is clearing clutter out of your home. Take some time to donate old or unworn clothes, organize mail and other documents, and invest in strage bins or baskets to clear away other belongings.
  • Let in more light. Natural light is very important in feng shui, so in order to let more natural light into your home, take away dark curtains or drapes and replace them with blinds or sheer curtains.
  • Arrange furniture in a useful, smart way. Do you have a chair with a wobbly leg or a couch that always blocks the path through your living room? In order to achieve good feng shui, you'll want to address these furniture concerns and maybe even re-arrange your furniture to maximize your home's space. You may also want to use a few feng shui furniture techniques like placing sofas or beds facing the doorway to allow for better energy flow.
  • Think about the meaning behind each color. Before you choose colors for rugs or other major decorating choices, consider what they mean. Rich, vibrant colors like red or orange create an invigorating feeling and are good in social areas like the living room, while clean colors like blue and light green are great in the bathroom.
  • Fill your home with meaning. Instead of going to a home goods store and purchasing decorative items, accent shelves and side tables with knick knacks from trips, meaningful photos or other things that remind you of happy memories.
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