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Get Ready for the New School Year — No Matter How Old You Are

13 September, 2018 | Apartments

It's finally fall! Whether you're in college, grade school, or working as a teacher, this will act as a guide to get you ready for the school year.

  • Save big on tech. Heading off to college? Getting kids ready for homework? Save big on laptops, desktop computers, tablets and more with back-to-school sales at just about every major electronics retailer. Now is also a great time to buy, because many stores also offer added incentives, such as a free printer when you buy a laptop.
  • Look for price matches. Big retailers, such as Target and Walmart, have price matching incentives on identical items. This means that if you find the same item for less at a different store, these places will match the price.
  • Do your shopping online. Gone are the days of head out of the house to go back to school shopping — now, many people do all of their shopping online. Sites like Amazon offer the exact same items as big box stores, such as pencils, pens, backpacks and even computers, but with different deals and sometimes even free shipping. If you're headed off to college, you can even buy used textbooks online at sites like College Bookstore.
  • Stock up on bulk lunch items. If you dread making lunches for the kiddos every week (or just hate spending money on your own lunches on campus), you might want to consider stocking up on items you frequently use for lunch. Places like Sam's Club and websites like Jet offer great deals on snacks, cereals and more.
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