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Everkids’ Playhouse: An Indoor Playground for Youngsters in Columbia

20 May, 2020 | Apartments

Everkids’ Playhouse promises a comfortable place for kids to play and parents to kick back. The indoor playground area caters to the little ones while the space for grown-ups offers WiFi, coffee, and even massage chairs. The Playhouse is simple, but it’s stocked with everything you need to keep your youngsters entertained.

If they have a lot of energy, make a beeline for the ball pit. They can swim around in the colorful sea and then do a bit of cooking in the play kitchen or shop for food at the pint-sized grocery store. Let them play firefighter with a mini fire station check out a space shuttle that’s almost ready for launch, and zoom around the space with the array of toy trucks. All the while, you can sit in the Caregiver Corner and enjoy some downtime (while still keeping a close eye on your kiddos, who you’ll be able to see regardless of where they wander).

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