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Make the Most of Your Closet Space With These Tips

8 March, 2018 | Apartments

When you start your spring cleaning, you want to not only clean your apartment, but also organize those difficult areas like your closet and dresser. If you have unworn clothes and shoes overflowing out of your closet doors, here are some simple tips for getting them under control. Try a site like Poshmark or ThredUp. These online clothing resale sites.....

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Balance Your Life and Your Home With Feng Shui

5 March, 2018 | Apartments

You might think that feng shui is one of those trendy terms that doesn't really apply to your everyday life, but you might want to give this ancient Chinese art a try. Feng shui refers to harmonizing your life with your surrounding environment, which involves arranging your furniture, de-cluttering your home and even using certain colors in order to create.....

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The Benefits of Yoga and How to Get Started in Columbia

1 March, 2018 | Apartments

Yoga isn't just a trendy workout filled with handstands and stretches, it's a mental and physical practice that dates back to the Fifth century BCE. People all over the world practice yoga in order to not only clear their minds and reduce stress, but also to build strength and flexibility. Here are just a few of the health benefits of.....

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