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5 Great Museums in Baltimore to Visit This Winter

15 February, 2018 | Apartments

When it's cold and dreary outside, all you want to do is head somewhere warm — and hopefully somewhere interesting. Luckily, Baltimore is home to a ton of great museums that really fit the bill. From art museums to historical centers, here are five great museum options for you to visit this winter.

  • The Baltimore Museum of Art. This one is a classic for both art lovers and newbies alike. It's beautiful both inside and out, with columns lining the outside and exhibits ranging from modern American art to ancient African art inside.
  • The American Visionary Art Museum. This unique art museum is a bit smaller than most, but it's packed from floor to ceiling with enough art to occupy an afternoon. These exhibits are a bit more on the wild side, with sculptures made of found objects, colorful abstract paintings and even light exhibits.
  • B&O Railroad Museum. If you're interested in history and transportation, this railroad museum is for you. You'll get to learn about the birthplace of the railroad in America all the way back to the Civil War.
  • Babe Ruth Birthplace. Love baseball? Then don't miss the opportunity to check out the birthplace of one of America's greatest players, as well as lots of other interesting sports memorabilia.
  • Historic Ships. The waterways are some of the most recognizable of Baltimore's attractions, and so are their many beautiful ships. Explore one of the best collections of military vessels in the world at this unique waterfront attraction.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Tasos_Lekkas
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