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Patio Perfection: How to Update Your Outdoor Space for Summer

7 June, 2018 | Apartments

Looking to make the most of your outdoor space this summer? Re-vamp your balcony and get it ready for dinners al fresco, morning coffee on warm days and nighttime hangs with friends — here's how.

  • Choose a style. Are you more of a boho type, or do you prefer a modern, monochrome look? Decide on a decor style for your outdoor space before you begin to make it easier to choose furniture and other accessories.
  • Add string lights. Is there a better way to make an outdoor space feel more festive than by adding string lights? Hang these fun, moody light sources with removable hooks at the ceiling of your balcony.
  • Use an outdoor rug. Cover your balcony's floor and add a pop of color by incorporating an outdoor rug into the space. Materials like woven plastic, jute and hemp are great outdoor options.
  • Create a dining space. Do you think you'll spend a lot of time eating on your balcony? If so, you'll need a designated dining area. Place a small wooden or metal outdoor table with a couple of chairs, then add romantic candles or a green plant.
  • Create a lounge space. More interested in reading a book or getting some sun on your patio? Instead of a dining space, create a lounge area with a waterproof outdoor sofa and some comfortable chairs. Place textured pillows for some extra style and personality, and throw a lightweight blanket over the chair for chilly nights.
  • Invest in outdoor activities. If you have some extra space, you might want to add a place for outdoor activities, such as a dart board, a sketch pad and art supplies or a place for reading.
  • Plant an outdoor garden. Whether it's an herb garden or a trellis with climbing vines, there's always enough space for some greenery on your balcony.
  • Add a grill. Looking to do some entertaining outdoors? You'll need a grill for all those burgers and kebabs! Find a space-saving option at just about any home store, then get cooking.

Public Domain/Pixabay/Printeboek
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