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Get Fit by the Pool!

19 July, 2018 | Apartments

The only thing better than using the pool at Lakehouse for a day of relaxation is using it to get fit! There are a ton of fun, effective exercises that you can do in our beautiful pool, and best of all, you'll be able to keep cool while you're doing them.

  • Jog in place. Run as fast as you can, making sure to bring your knees up high.
  • Standing oblique crunches. Bend forward and touch your elbow to the opposite knee, then alternate sides.
  • Squat jump. Squat down low and extend your arms out to shoulder height, then jump up and raise your arms overhead.
  • Flutter kicks. Hold on to the edge of the pool and flutter your legs out behind you as if you're swimming in place.
  • Leg lifts. Stand at the edge of the pool and hold on with one arm, then raise your opposite leg out to hip height.
  • Double leg lifts. Lean with your back against the edge of the pool and your arms on the sides for balance. Then raise your legs in front of you and lower them slowly for a great ab burn.
  • Water jumping jacks. Standard jumping jacks become much more challenging when done half in the water!
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