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BALTIMORE Meet Sharks, Dolphins and More at the National Aquarium

1 December, 2018 | Apartments

If you’ve never been to the National Aquarium, you’re long overdue to meet one of its most famous residents, Calypso. She’s a 500-pound sea turtle who lives in the beautiful Blacktip Reef exhibit. It’s where she munches on lettuce, brussels sprouts, and sweet potatoes. She coexists peacefully with other residents like a school of blacktip reef sharks, a shy tasseled wobbegong shark (he often camouflages himself from the crowd), and honeycomb stingrays.

This single habitat encompasses a wide variety of aquatic wildlife, but there’s much more to experience at the National Aquarium. Head to Shark Alley, a ring-shaped pool of 225,000 gallons of water, to see sandbar sharks, sand tiger sharks, and nurse sharks move languidly through the water. Check out Dolphin Discovery to meet its five female and two male dolphins, who interact with one another like family. You can also delve into other location-oriented exhibits, like the Amazon River Forest or Australia: Wild Extremes.

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