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Love Pastries? Pay a Visit to Roggenart

27 February, 2019 | Apartments

If you love bread, pastries and all things baked, then you won’t want to miss a chance to visit Roggenart in Columbia. This charming bakery and cafe has a European flair and a spacious, modern interior that makes it the perfect place to pop into for your morning coffee, grab a lunchtime sandwich or pick up some pastries for your friends and family. 

Roggenart specializes in handcrafted espresso drinks in the morning, offering lattes, cappuccinos and lots of delicious flavors to add to any drink. Pair your coffee with a fresh-baked croissant, danish or pain au chocolat, or pick up a ham and cheese croissant if you don’t have quite as much of a sweet tooth. For lunch, Roggenart offers open-faced sandwiches and French favorites like croque monsieur, as well as delicious desserts to finish your meal on a sweet note. With a relaxing atmosphere and lots of tables throughout the space, Roggenart is the perfect spot for coffee and pastries solo or with a friend. 

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