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See Celebrity Chef Jacques Pepin at the Howard County Library on July 10

28 June, 2019 | Apartments

Enjoy cooking? Want to interact with others who do, too? Then you’ll be glad to learn about Howard County Library’s special food series, Food For Thought. Each month, local foodies gather at the library to exchange culinary know-how and inspiration drawn from a specific chef. On July 10 that chef will be the legendary Jacques Pepin, who has prepared meals for dignitaries like Barack Obama and has won a total of 24 James Beard Foundation awards over his long career. In addition, he’s also made cooking accessible to common folks, hosting a number of cooking television shows, and publishing more than a dozen cook books. 

To participate on July 10, all you need to do is refresh your memory by buying or borrowing one of his cookbooks, and then arriving at the library ready to participate in a guided discussion of his influence on American cuisine. Bon appetit!

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