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Baklava Stars on the Menu at Cazbar

18 November, 2019 | Apartments

Baklava is such an important part of the dessert menu at Cazbar that it appears four times. There’s the traditional baklava you’ll probably recognize, composed of more than 50 layers of hand-stretched phyllo with toasted pistachios and butter, as well as the signature midye baklava, which looks more like dumplings and comes dressed in a fragrant lemon syrup. You can also try the baklava cheesecake or baklava in latte form at Cazbar.

Since the Turkish eatery opened in August, its dessert isn’t the only thing earning the attention of local patrons. They also love the savory bites, starting with the meze dishes designed for sharing. Order a few to pass around the table, like the falafel and hummus, the Turkish egg rolls, and the fried calamari. As you nosh on the lighter dishes, consider your main course options. From the lamb moussaka to the beef kabobs, there’s something for every adventurous eater at Cazbar.

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