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What’s Your Usual Order at Ssong’s Hotdog?

3 January, 2020 | Apartments

To try a unique take on the hot dog, visit newly opened Ssong’s Hotdog at The Mall in Columbia. The eatery offers a variety of dogs on a stick, each made more delicious than the last with crunchy coatings and unexpected fillings. The first thing to know is that not all the ‘hotdogs’ at Ssong’s actually have a hotdog inside. Some are just ooey-gooey cheese in the signature fried shell, or other more experimental options like crab meat, fish cake, or sweet potato. So even if you stay away from tube-shaped meats, you can still give Ssong’s Hotdog a try. 

Some, of course, do feature a hotdog, whether it’s the signature regular sausage (with or without cheese!), to a spicy or premium all-beef versions. Wash it all down with an iced coffee or sweet rice punch, and you have a meal that you can’t find at any other fast food spot. Find Ssong’s Hotdog in front of the carousel on level two of the mall.

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