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Refresh Your Outlook at Tocar Spa in Columbia

14 January, 2021 | Apartments

With the world still in an uncertain place, everyone could use a little extra self-care these days. That’s where Tocar Spa comes in. The Columbia-based spa specializes in massage, and the therapists have a huge variety of modalities at their disposal. From classic Swedish and deep-tissue massages to more specialized varieties, there’s something for everyone.

For instance, if you just got back into working out in the new year, book a therapeutic stretching session. It’s a mix of massage and movement that helps you recover from exercise in a soothing way. The aromatherapy massage enlists calming scents in the form of essential oils to boost the power of the massage therapist’s flowing strokes. Call to book your appointment or do so online, and make sure you follow all safety guidelines when you arrive—including wearing a mask and social-distancing.

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