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Shop Korean Fashions at Urbanstory in Ellicott City

7 January, 2021 | Apartments

“When you walk in, you are transported to a boutique in Seoul!” That’s how one customer describes the vibe at Urbanstory in Ellicott City. And since traveling to Seoul right now isn’t very practical, a trip to Urbanstory is probably the next best thing. The owner brings Korean fashion to your neck of the woods—and she’s always happy to help you sift through everything to find the perfect piece.

She imports everything from Korea, which is precisely what makes her pieces so unique. They range from simple blouses and business-casual slacks in earth tones to quirky jewelry with bold and bright accents. You’ll also find artsy bags emblazoned with screen prints, luxe silk scarves, and other unusual odds and ends (e.g., a pair of sparkling black sneakers). Mask up and stop in to check out the selection!

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