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The Forget-Me-Not Factory Stocks Gifts Worth Remembering

12 August, 2021 | Apartments

Any store with the tagline “Where Fairy Dust and Bubbles Meet to Create Shopping Magic” is going to be a spot you need to visit. The Forget-Me-Not Factory is pretty unforgettable. It’s almost more of a museum than a shop, with magical finds that are fantasy-oriented around every corner and on every shelf. 

You’ll find all sorts of goodies. There are Ellicott City mugs, shirts, and keychains that make a perfect welcome or going away gift for neighbors. They, of course, have lots of bubbles: bubble blasters, bubble machines, and bubble kits galore, perfect for an outdoor picnic or kids’ birthday party! And you guessed it, they also have tons of fairy-inspired figurines and gifts, even a little fairy dust. Other popular items include villages that you can set up in your home for holidays, with options like Harry Potter or Addams Family for Halloween and more traditional options for the holidays. You can shop online or in-store, and find a treat you never knew you needed!

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